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The attitude of our company group toward tax planning 

TRB thinks that tax procedures implemented by utilising selectable tax incentives are important for company value improvement. However, TRB does not do tax planning for the purpose of tax avoidance. 

TRB carries out suitable tax procedures based on the UK tax law, and moreover assures accuracy, completeness of taxation by taking professional advice from external adviser.

Risk range permissible by the group regarding the taxation in the U.K. 

After a person in charge of taxation at TRB receives a review by external tax adviser, the person reports to a company board member and receives instructions for issues.

The group approach for relationship with HMRC

TRB aims to have relations with HMRC based mainly on credibility and transparency.

TRB gives cooperative response, if receiving tax related queries or interpretations about tax from HMRC. 

However, if there is any concern regarding a decision made by HMRC, TRB will query this decision accordingly and requested a through explanation.

The group approach for risk management for taxation in the UK and the governance system

TRB conducts taxation risk management with emphasis on compliance.

Moreover TRB minimizes taxation risk by taking professional advice from external tax adviser for uncertain taxation processing or tax system revision.  

Under the management of company board member, who is final responsible person for TRB taxation matters, a person in charge of taxation manages risk control for taxation results or assignments in cooperation with external tax adviser.

Toshihiro NAIJO

Managing Director